Medium Term Management Vision and Policy

The automobile industry around the Group is entering a period of massive change, such as is said to occur once in 100 years, with the accelerated shift to electric vehicles (EVs) due to growing environmental needs, commercialization of autonomous driving technology, and intensified competition created by technical alliances of individual manufacturers and entry into industry by new manufacturers accompanying these trends.
In this context, the Company has set its 12th Medium-Term Management Vision (April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2023) as "Bringing the YAMADA brand to the world by offering value and products that contribute to the earth environment." Additionally, our management policies, which are the three pillars in support of this, are set as “Realize Top Class in QCD,” “Standardization of technology and know-how for YAMADA overall,” “Propose new products and technology that exceed customer expectations,” and we will promote various measures to these ends. Furthermore, in order to put each measure in place more steadily, we will proactively work on improving human resources.
To realize its vision, the Group is putting in place measures across all areas. In fiscal 2018, we will be resolutely working to beef up “Manufacturing” on the factory floor, such by as achieving “zero quality defects” through strengthening of our global quality assurance structure, and maintaining a high level of the management structure at all sites. Furthermore, we will continue with a sense of speed to develop new products and technologies that will play roles in the future and proactively make proposals to customers.

12th Medium Term Management Vision and Policy

Bringing the YAMADA brand to the world by offering value and products that contribute to the earth environment.

Thinking built into Management Policy

[Manufacturing] Realize Top Class in QCD

Manufacturing sites of world class products depend on lines that "are safe and comfortable," "prevent the manufacture and outflow of defects" and "flow briskly." To achieve this end, we will refine our technological capabilities in manufacturing, carry out the stable launch of new models through front loading, and realize a manufacturing site capable of quickly responding to the changes in society.

*1Inject major resources and man-hours into the initial process of product development, and front-load operations that used to be conducted in latter processes. In particular, by eliminating problems in previous models or similar parts before decisions on specifications, YAMADA realizes stable launch of new models.

[Comprehensive capabilities] Standardize technology and know-how through ALL YAMADA

Since our main battle field has already moved overseas, it is crucial that each production base around the world is capable of doing the same work and to generate the maximum synergy. To achieve this end, we will thoroughly apply the YAMADA standard to every aspect of our business from line specifications and daily management to human resources development, and by consolidating our strengths, aim to materialize the Management Vision.

[Creativity] Propose new products and technology that exceed customer expectations

In a society that is always in pursuit of greater safety, security and abundance, we will expand our business to the customers around the world, while at the same time contribute to the development of the earth environment and society, by continuing to propose new products and technology that inspire wonder to our customers.

[Human resources capabilities]

"People" are essential in getting the work done under any Management Policy
We will utilize various in-house and outside education systems, and build the future of YAMADA by ensuring that each individual is capable of setting his or her own goals with enthusiasm and a sense of challenge.

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