Supplier Application Guidelines


Parts Description
Aluminum die casting 125–2,250 ton machines
Machining Irregular material cutting, shaft cutting, rolling, polishing, gear cutting
Sintering Small sintered parts (0.5 kg or less)
Pressing 100–500 ton progressive, transfer, precision presses, deep drawing, thick blanking
Hot forging Small forged parts (1 kg or less)
Cold forging Small forged parts (1 kg or less)
Iron casting Small cast-iron parts (1 kg or less)
Heat treatment Thermal refining, carburizing, nitriding, high frequency
Surface treatment Galvanization, chrome plating, coating, painting
Resins Plastic and hardening resins: 60–500 ton machines
Materials Bearings, springs, bolts, nuts
Rubber O-rings, oil seals, rubber vibration isolators
Electrical components Control boards, electronic parts, terminals


Equipment Description
Processing machines Lathes, machining centers, grinding machines, special-purpose machines
Assembly machines Special-purpose and general-purpose assembly machines
Systems Washing machines, performance testers, measuring instruments, inspection machines
Dies and jigs Die casting dies, machining center jigs

Secondary/indirect materials

Materials Description
Cutting tools Drills, cutting tool tips, reamers, cutters
Oils Hydraulic oil, cutting oil, lubricating oil
Air parts Couplers
Consumables Gloves, PP bands
Cutting tools Hobs, taps

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