Automotive Parts

Engine Oil Pumps

These pump parts supply lubricating oil to the engine. The parts improve fuel efficiency by properly controlling hydraulic pressure.

Chain cover integrated Oil Pump
Balancer integrated Oil Pump
Crank shaft connected Oil Pump
Scavenging and feed Oil Pump

Engine Water Pumps

These pump parts supply cooling water to the engine. The parts improve fuel efficiency by using lightweight resinous materials for impellers and pulleys, and enhancing impeller efficiency.

  • Light weight Water Pump
  • Double-scroll Water Pump
  • Chain driven Water Pump

Oil Pumps and Oil pressure control Devices for Drivetrain System

These parts supply and control oils for the hydraulic and lubricating units necessary for the drive train system. The parts improve fuel efficiency by optimizing oil distribution and reducing any loss.

  • Oil Pump for AWD System
  • Double-Rotor Oil pump for CVT
  • Twin-Rotor Oil pump for Hybrid System
  • Oil Pressure Control Valve for AWD System
  • Oil Pump for Torque distribution control in AWD
  • Electric Oil Pump for Start/stop System

Steering Column

These parts transmit the direction of steering wheel movement to the steering gearbox. The parts enable one to freely adjust the steering wheel position, moving it up or down (tilt) and forward or backward (telescopic). These lightweight and highly rigid parts realize comfortable steering movement.

Steering Column with Tilt / Telescopic function

Intermediate Shaft

These parts transmit the driving force of the engine to the wheels.
The products are designed to be flexibly adapted to the vehicle parts layout.

Intermediate Shaft
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