Development Areas

Proposing appealing new products through advanced technology, creativity, and speed

Under the slogan of, "advanced technology, creativity, and speed," YAMADA always works at product planning and technology development from the customer's perspective to meet market needs that are becoming more diverse and sophisticated. We are determined to stay on the cutting-edge of technology to provide products with a high value to customers.


YAMADA has positioned R&D functions at four centers around the world. Overall functions are located at the Development Headquarters in Japan while R&D conducted at bases in North America, China, and Asia/Oceania develops specifications suited to regional characteristics and customer needs and provides backup for launching local mass production.

  • Development Headquarters (Isesaki Head Office)
  • China development center
  • U.S.A. development center
  • Asia/Oceania development center (Thailand)

Product Design

Through development front loading, we are working toward product development capable of achieving high quality, performance and cost goals.

Analytical Technology

We carry out various analyses for shortening of the development period by front loading using CAE and for solving problems.

  • One-dimensional and 3D fluid analysis

    Oil pressure characteristic analysis (1D) for an oil pump and performance analysis (3D) for a water pump enable design precision to be improved before prototyping.

  • Structural analysis

    Improving design precision at the product planning stage enables speedy development.

  • Noise and vibration analysis system

    Element analysis of NV performance enables development of extremely quiet products.

  • Motoring bench with changing angle and speed of rotation

    Pump noise and durability are assessed while reproducing changes in the angle and speed of rotation on a real crankshaft.

Testing Equipment

We manufacture various kinds of specialized testing equipment and conduct performance and durability testing.

Pump Test Equipment

  • Oil pump durability tester
  • Oil pump relief valve durability tester
  • Water pump performance tester
  • Water pump durability tester

Steering Column Test Equipment

  • Rotational torque tester
  • Torsion durability tester
  • Full-scale geometry tester
  • Impact tester
  • Muddy water resistance tester
  • Large thermostatic chamber (-40°C to +120°C)
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