• Technical Capabilities

Technical Capabilities

We will be resolutely working to beef up “Manufacturing” on the factory floor, such by as achieving “zero quality defects” through strengthening of our global quality assurance structure, and maintaining a high level of the management structure at all sites. Furthermore, we will continue with a sense of speed to develop new products and technologies that will play roles in the future and proactively make proposals to customers.

Start-to-Finish Production

We practice front-loading in the development process by linking the product development flow with the finishing flow.

In YAMADA's production system, the product development flow from research and development to commercialization and the finishing flow for smooth production are interlinked. Customer needs such as for high quality, low cost, environmental friendliness and safety technologies are becoming diverse. To fulfill these requirements at a high level, we have a production technology system to meet all needs by combining a development environment that makes full use of the latest simulation technology with established production know-how.

In order to achieve speedy production and high-quality, low-cost product provision, we conducted in-house development, design and manufacturing of production equipment and constructed an integrated production system from molding die to machining and assembly.

Development and Production Bases

From its bases in Japan and three other countries (the United States, Thailand, and China), YAMADA supplies the world with comprehensive functional parts that unite the Company's technical capabilities. It is our desire to beat the international competition by leveraging the superior aspects of each of our production bases, and present the “oil pump,” a functional automotive part and one of our main products, to the market as the No. 1 product in the world. In addition, as a company that contributes to the local community, Gunma, we consider “what we can do now” and actively promote local communication.

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