Main Procured Items

  • Pump drive shaft

    Specifications: Lathing, rolling, heat treatment, polishing
    Scale of procurement: 10,000–20,000/month

  • Pivot bolt

    Specifications: Heading, processing, heat treatment
    Scale of procurement: 50,000/month

  • Flange (forging)

    Specifications: Forging, processing, plating
    Scale of procurement: 10,000/month

  • Flange (sintering)

    Specifications: Sintered parts, processing, steam treatment
    Scale of procurement: 5,000–120,000/month

  • Sealing bolt

    Specifications: Forging, plating; some without seals
    Scale of procurement: 5,000–30,000/month

  • Relief valve

    Specifications: Forging (cup shape), processing, heat treatment, outer diameter polishing
    Scale of procurement: 50,000–100,000/month

  • Pulley

    Specifications: Pressing, painting
    Scale of procurement: 5,000–120,000/month

  • Oil pump drive gear

    Specifications: Forging, processing, gear cutting, shaving, heat treatment, outer diameter/end face polishing
    Scale of procurement: 10,000–20,000/month

  • Bushing

    Specifications: Sintering
    Scale of procurement: 50,000–120,000/month

  • Bearing support

    Specifications: Casting, processing
    Scale of procurement: 5,000–30,000/month

  • Upper shaft

    Specifications: Drawing, inner diameter broaching
    Scale of procurement: 7,000–8,000/month

  • AT valve

    Specifications: Lathing, hard anodizing, polishing
    Scale of procurement: 2,000/month

  • Water pump packing

    Specifications: Rubber molding
    Scale of procurement: 40,000/month

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