Oil Pump: Original Rotor Tooth Profile

Utilizing its original tooth profile design technology, YAMADA provides oil pumps that meet various customer requirements such as reduced noise, reduced cavitation, and increased efficiency, and so on.

Unequal Tip™ Tooth Profile

The sound quality was improved from a noise that sticks in the ear to a sound that is difficult to hear by making the pump's oil pressure pulse irregular.

Connected Cell™ Tooth Profile

Equalizing the pressure inside the rotor cell during the pump's intake process reduced cavitation.

Highly Efficient Original Tooth Profile

Giving the rotor a smaller diameter while keeping the same theoretical discharge volume and rotor thickness with the conventional trochoid tooth profile's reduced pump friction.

  • Conventional Trochoid Tooth Profile
  • Highly Efficient Original Tooth Profile

Adoption advantages

Applying YAMADA's original tooth profile, it is possible to reduce the size while maintaining the pump capacity.

Rotor outer diameter -2[%]
Pump friction -7[%]

(Compared to YAMADA's mass-produced pumps)

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