New Products & New Technology

Constantly striving after world-class technology, YAMADA has a spirit of boldly attempting to take on new challenges. Leveraging the design, analytical, and assessment technologies we have cultivated over many years, we are developing new products that are compact, lightweight, and deliver high performance and are working on R&D of new technologies that will contribute to lower fuel consumption in vehicles.

Oil Pump

Oil pumps are increasingly required to perform optimal oil pressure control in the mid and high rotational ranges, and also in response to pressure changes in the warm-up process. YAMADA products contribute to improved fuel efficiency by controlling the hydraulic pressure profile in each function through utilization of our proprietary variable control technologies.

  • Thermosensitive Variable Oil Pump
  • Electrical Variable Displacement Oil Pump

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Water Pump

Water pumps must be lighter in weight and capable of achieving higher pumping efficiency. YAMADA products contribute to improved fuel efficiency by using our highly efficient impellers and lightweight resinous pulleys, thereby satisfying the design criteria.

  • Water Pump Assembly with Resin Pulley

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Electric Water Pump

It is used for a coolant-based water temperature controlling system to cool such systems as motors, inverters, and batteries, and water circulation of heater circuits for air conditioner.
Utilizing the centrifugal pump technology that we have cultivated over many years, it is characterized by high efficiency and low NV.

  • 30W class
  • 60W class

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Coolant Control Valve

This valve controls the flow rate and the channel of the engine coolant to contribute to the improvement of fuel efficiency through early warming up and high water temperature control.

  • Coolant Control Valve

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Transmission Related Parts

Oil pumps for transmission units must operate with high efficiency and low noise. Therefore, YAMADA incorporates a proprietary double rotor structure in its oil pumps. We are also developing an accumulator that supplies hydraulic pressure for use in the idling stop system after engine startup.

  • Double Rotor Oil Pump For CVT
  • Accumulator for Idling stop

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Steering System Parts

We offer steering component parts that meet the need for a more lightweight design by combining aluminum, iron and resinous materials, thereby realizing rigidly responsive and user-friendly steering.

  • Improved Steering Feel
  • Steering Gear Box

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